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API - Integrity Point of Contact

API stands for Integrity Point of Contact. It can happen that you experience something you don't like, where someone crosses your boundaries. We call this, with a difficult word, transgressive behavior. This can be physical (e.g. aggression) but also psychological (e.g. insulting) or sexual (e.g. touching you). It also includes bullying. All events and behaviors that are not OK at all. That's why we think it's important that you can talk to someone about such things. Even if you see or hear that something is happening to someone else, we think you should have somewhere to go to talk about it. The Flemish Minister of Youth also thought this was important. He therefore decided that every youth work organization, such as das Kunst, should pay attention to this. More thought had to be given within each organization to what to do if someone experiences transgressive behavior.

What does an API do?

An API will first and foremost listen to your story. Then the API will look at where and how to help address the problem. The API has a duty of discretion, meaning that what you say remains confidential as much as possible. Sometimes the API has no choice but to seek additional help, but it will always inform you of this.

Who can come to the API?

Everyone - the children and teenagers participating in our projects, the supervisors of our projects or parents of participants, ... Can I also contact the supervisors of our projects? YES! If you are struggling with something, our staff and supervisors are ready to help you. So don't hesitate to contact them. The API is there as extra help.

Contact details API

Jana Geens, artistic assistant, 0493741759,