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Kunstatelier 2.0 for teens

Are you between 12 and 18 years old and do you feel like working artistically in a free way under the guidance of young artists? Then sign up for the new series Kunstatelier 2.0 in Antwerp, Ghent or Kortrijk and work together on an exhibition where we present our ideas to an audience.

Discover the possibilities of both analog and digital techniques in drawing, building and designing. Explore the limits of digital drawing programs and experiment with lino, ecoline, graffiti and more. Create sculptures with both virtual and real clay. Design like an architect with VR glasses on, or cut and paste your maquette with cardboard and tape.

The result? A visual and scenographic proposal for a project in your city in response to an actual problem or need.

  • weekly from the end of February until the end of May 2024
  • in Antwerp, Ghent or Kortrijk
  • free participation, register here