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The young artists of das Kunst are shaped by the methodology of "guided freedom. They create an environment in which participants can learn naturally. Because the combination of guidance and freedom is crucial to the learning process, in the young artists' training we emphasize the creation of learning environments for different age groups as well as flexible guidance for each participant. It is guided learning, on a voluntary basis, outside of school hours and with great pleasure in learning. The participant determines the course. And the young artists are there to support and challenge them. There is no linear path laid out.

das Kunst takes much of its inspiration from jazz, where creation and improvisation also invariably start from a prepared composition or structure. Like seasoned jazz musicians, the young artists are artisans. They have learned to work together, both in preparation and performance. They have mastered the techniques to teach and have a thorough knowledge of materials. As a result, they are able to break free from the scores during accompaniment, with imagination and great adaptability. And, together with the participants, they invariably manage to achieve a captivating result.

In addition to a strong team of collaborators, das Kunst has built up structures, forms of work and learning environments that systematically bring about a learning process. This way of working is entirely focused on future learning. It ensures that teens, young adults and the young artists can unconsciously grow and learn permanently away from all attention.