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forms of work

The workings of das Kunst breathe artistic freedom. Imagination is sparked by working grandly, immersively and in 3D. We create a world that brings together art and technology, analog and digital processes.

During the art projects, children, teens, adolescents and young artists explore as many facets of visual work as possible. They learn to adopt new perspectives, discover how they can interact with their surroundings and help shape the world. Together, they can express themselves artistically with various materials, technologies and bring their ideas to life.

Depending on time and place, they find their place in one of the following forms of work at das Kunst:

Art Factory

During the crocus, Easter, summer and autumn vacations, you can take part in an intensive project week. You get the artistic freedom to work together on 3D creations. The result is up to you. Under the professional guidance of young artists, you will make great leaps in imagination, flexibility and cooperation in a short time.

Art Workshop

During the school year, you can participate in a series of 10 well-constructed workshops. You will have the artistic freedom to work on 3D creations, under the guidance of young artists. The workshops take place during free time each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. They take place in 20 different neighborhoods of Antwerp, Brussels or Ghent.


From May to September, we organize quality visual outdoor activities on the streets and squares of Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. Together with young product developers, das Kunst has designed four large, artistic tools for children, teens and young adults to build large 3D constructions together.

Construction playground

Following the example of the Danish "skrammellegepladser" and the British "junk playgrounds," we consider the construction playground as virgin territory. Children, teens and young adults are allowed to experiment with sturdy tools: hammers, saws, scaffolding and materials that abound in the city. Together they work on large-scale creations. The skills of the participants are not overestimated, but correctly assessed and reinforced. Under the guidance of young artists, they build their dream world together, where circularity and sustainability are self-evident.

Concepts (possible at each work bowl)

1.0 - with low-tech materials and techniques, where low-tech stands for 'analogue'.

2.0 - with low-, mid- and high-tech materials and techniques. Low-tech stands for "analog," mid-tech for machines such as laser cutters, cutting plotters, 3D printers and heatpresses. High-tech includes Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D virtual spaces.